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4 Ways to Effectively Use Emoji Graphics on Small Business Car Wraps

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Advancements in phones and texting technology has caused the widespread use of emoji symbols. The small icons and smiley faces are universally known in the texting world. The recognition of emoji symbols allows businesses to use the graphics and designs in various advertisements and promotions. If you're planning a car wrap to promote your small business, then utilizing emoji designs is a great way to draw attention to the vehicle and promote your services. The following four types of emoji graphics can be infused into your car wrap design to create something that stands out and draws the attention of people viewing your vehicle.

Hand Gestures

Draw attention to business names, websites, and contact numbers with the use of hand gesture emoji symbols. Emoji symbol libraries have numerous hand symbols that can fit all types of situations. For example, you can use the finger pointing emoji to point directly at a phone number for your business. The pointing finger will naturally lead the eyes to the number as people pass by your vehicle. A thumbs up emoji is a great way to showcase positive vibes for your business. You could use text like "#1 in quality Service" and feature the thumbs up emoji right next to it.

An additional hand gesture emoji to consider is the closed fist and muscle pose. This is a great emoji to use if you own a gym or other type of workout business. The simple symbol can represent the type of business you run and easily draw attention from people.

Retail Services

If you own a retail service, using a car wrap is a great way to showcase your business and the types of products that you sell. Along with your business information, emoji symbols can showcase specific types of products that are for sale. For example, if you own a formal wear retail store, various emoji symbols like a shirt and tie or a formal dress can help focus on the specific types of clothes that you sell.

If you sell electronics, a number of emoji symbols can be used to highlight these products. This includes computers, cell phones, cameras, printers, and televisions. Using a collage of emoji symbols is a great way to highlight your product. Supplement the symbols with text titles of brand names that are sold in your store. The combination of the two is a great way to showcase your business.

Animal Services & Mascots

A lot of emoji collections feature dozens of animals. As you plan a car wrap design, there are two ways to use these symbols. The first is for any animal services you provide. If you are an animal groomer or a vet, you can use specific symbols to represent the animals that you treat. There are emoji symbols for dogs, cats, and other domesticated creatures like rabbits. Pest control workers can use emoji symbols like bees and spiders to showcase services.

A number of animal symbols can also be used as mascots for your business. For example, a business name like Python Plumbing can use snake emoji symbols as a nice graphic mascot for the business. If any type of animal or theme applies to your business, then do not hesitate to use the symbols in a design. When using the designs, make sure that you are using copyright-free emojis, like the Phantom Open Emoji graphics. These graphics are free to use for businesses and commercial purposes.

People Emoji Symbols

Dozens of emoji symbols feature people in the designs. These are a great way to showcase the type of business you run and connect on a human level. For example, if you're a contractor, there are a number of emoji symbols featuring people in construction hats. Security services can use symbols that feature people in law enforcement hats. Even businesses that offer sports training can use symbols of people playing various sports. Browsing through all the different emoji symbols featuring people will help you make the best selection that can apply to your business.

Work with a professional car wrap company like Kwik Signs to plan out your final design. They can help you select the best placement for the symbols and ways to draw the most attention from people.