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Don't Think Your Old Car Needs Collision Repair? Here Are 2 Reasons You Should

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If your old car received moderate damage in a collision, you may think it's okay to continue driving your vehicle. Although the damage isn't severe, your car could still have some serious problems with your doors, engine, and fuel tank. A collision repair technician (or auto body specialist) can uncover problems now so that you can repair them later. Here are two reasons to seek car collision repair now instead of later.

Hidden Door Damage

If another car side-swiped your car during your accident, there might be some minor dents in the door or cracks in the paneling. But even if the dents seem tiny and insignificant, they could hide a more serious problem. The door's hinges could be stuck in place, bent, or broken. If you get into an accident in the future, the door might not open properly. You could become stuck inside your car, which can be dangerous if the car catches fire.

A collision car repair technician can find problems in your car's doors during the repairs. Some auto technicians replace damaged car doors for their customers. If your technician doesn't replace damaged doors, they may refer you to someone else. In this case, you can contact your auto insurance company and make a report. Your insurance company may also direct you to an auto shop in your area.

In addition to door problems, a collision repair shop can help you find fuel tank problems.

Fuel Tank Damage

If your car was jostled or struck from behind, it may have some issues with the fuel tank. The tank could be loose or unstable, or it could have dents or holes in the housing. If a collision repair technician has to perform a lot of body work near the gas tank, they may be see some issues with it right away. 

A technician may also notice problems in your fuel tank if they have to replace your car's axle, bumper, or trunk. The fuel tank in older cars generally sit between the bumper and rear axle. If the bumper or axle crushed, pushed, or cracked the gas tank, it could leak fuel in the future. If a technician does locate problems with your fuel tank, repair it right away. 

The problems above are just a few things a collision repair shop may detect in your old car. If you have questions about repairing your car, contact a service shop near you today.