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3 Ways You Benefit From Auto Body Blueprinting

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An auto accident can leave your vehicle in need of major repairs. Auto body shops have always provided estimates for drivers and insurance companies who need to know the approximate cost of repairs.

While an estimate can be useful, an auto body blueprint can be even more beneficial.

What Is an Auto Body Blueprint?

To appreciate the value of an auto body blueprint, you need to know what this type of evaluation is.

An experienced collision repair specialist will examine your vehicle from bumper to bumper while drafting an auto body blueprint. All doors, the trunk, and the hood will be opened to determine if the body of your vehicle is in proper alignment.

Panel damage to the exterior of your vehicle will be recorded and the exact paint color of your car will be recorded as well. All of this information allows repair technicians to formulate a plan of attack for fixing your vehicle.

Why Use an Auto Body Blueprint?

An auto body blueprint delves further into the necessary repairs of your vehicle than an estimate. In addition to outlining the damage uncovered, the blueprint will create a plan of action for making repairs. This can help streamline the repair process and increase the efficiency of the work done to your vehicle.

Knowing the order of repairs and the extent of the damage to your vehicle from the very beginning will allow your auto body shop to create a comprehensive approach to the repair process.

An auto body blueprint can help prevent delays by allowing technicians to order all parts needed for repairs before the work begins on your vehicle. You will be able to have your vehicle returned to you much quicker when your shop uses an auto body blueprint.

How Can You Obtain an Auto Body Blueprint?

Many licensed auto body shops have the ability to complete an auto body blueprint for their customers. This process doesn't occur automatically because there are typically some additional costs involved with the drafting of a blueprint.

You will pay for the time of the technicians completing an in-depth inspection of your vehicle, but the result is a more accurate estimation of the cost of repairs.

Requesting an auto body blueprint allows you to make informed decisions regarding the repair of your vehicle. Some insurance companies are willing to cover the cost of a blueprint in order to avoid unexpected costs throughout the repair process.

For more information, contact a collision repair service.