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Is It Time To Repaint Your Car? 3 Signs To Look For

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The are many scenarios that can lead to your car needing painting. First, your car may get involved in an accident, and the body gets damaged. In this case, it is easier to tell if you need painting or not, and you start by hiring panel beaters to fix the damaged auto body before moving to paintwork.

The other scenario is that all vehicles have a top clear coat covering the paint to protect it from the harsh weather elements. However, as your vehicle gets older, the UV rays of the sun, wind, and even physical scratches will chip away at your car's topcoat. When the inside gets exposed, your car's paintwork starts looking dull and might even chip. 

As such, it is advisable to watch for signs of vehicle damage and take the car to a professional auto mechanic for repairs. Here are three signs that you must look out for. 

When the Vehicle Stops Shining

A simple and effective way to tell that your car's paint is in excellent condition is in the way that it shines, especially when you wash it. However, if this changes and your vehicle starts looking dull and loses its vibrancy, the paintwork is deteriorating. This means the topcoat has peeled off and is exposing the inner layers, which deteriorate faster than the topcoat. 

The topcoat acts as a magnifying glass which brings out the richness of the color beneath the surface. When you remove the coat, you are left with a dull autobody. Reapplication of the topcoat eliminates chances of further damage.

When the Old Photos Look Better

The other way to tell that your car's paint is getting damaged and that you need to replace it is when older photos look much better. It is normal for a vehicle to lose its beauty and sheen over the years. However, peeling top layers will make your vehicle seem like it is losing its sheen and beauty faster than it should.

You can compare older photos of the vehicle to how it currently looks. If there is a significant difference between the two, it is time to get a fresh coat.

When You Have Scratches

When the car is new, people take a lot of care to ensure that they do not hit the vehicle against any surface and that it does not get damaged. The vigilance often fades as the vehicle gets older, leading to the car amassing a lot of damage. Repainting the vehicle will restore its original beauty.

The crucial thing to remember is that you need professional auto body experts to check your car's condition and determine whether it is time to repaint it. With their help, you can have your beautiful vehicle much longer. For more information, contact an auto body repair company.