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4 Questions to Ask At the Auto Body Repair Shop

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As an average car owner, you will probably need the services of an auto body repair shop after an accident instead of DIY repair. Your experience at an auto body shop depends on the questions you ask and the instructions you give. As a customer, you have the right to information on the process to get your car back to normal. Getting this information beforehand questions makes you an informed customer and helps avoid misunderstandings. What questions should you ask the auto body shop management?

1. Can You Handle This Kind of Repair Job?

Ideally, this question should come first. Many auto body shops are generalists, but some specialize in specific car brands. Many auto technicians will tell you outright if they can handle the job or not. If they can't handle the job, weigh if you are comfortable when they subcontract the job. In that case, you must agree on the way the arrangement will work.

2. Where Are the Cost Estimates?

It helps to know the work the auto body technician will handle. The cost estimates detail the type of repair jobs needed on different car parts, the parts to repair or replace, and the costs for each item. The technician should also tell you why it is important to repair or replace each part. Agreeing on the cost estimates avoids misunderstandings on the cost after the repair job is complete. You also need the cost estimates to take to the insurance.

3. Will You Accept Payment from the Insurance?

In most cases, the insurance takes care of your auto collision repair costs. But it is not automatic. The insurance must trust the estimates of the auto body shop that did the work. In addition, the auto body repair shop must wait for payment from the insurance. The auto body repair shop will also help deal with the insurance, drawing on their experience in such matters.

Asking this question helps clear the air about who handles the payment. It also helps avoid a situation where you are forced to handle the costs out of your pocket while insurance can handle them.

4. Is There a Warranty?

Does the auto repair shop offer any warranty, and if yes, what kind? A warranty protects you against new costs on faulty parts and also technician errors. The auto technician will inform you of the parts that carry a warranty and if the labor warranty carries free service. You should also get details on the duration of the warranty and any limits.

Are you looking for quality auto repair work? Ask your auto body shop these questions to ensure you get high-quality work affordably.