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Choose A Custom Car Wrap

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 A custom car wrap can be used to advertise services, make your vehicle stand out, or cover up imperfections. If you are contemplating having your car wrapped and are curious how the design process works, use one of the following options to prepare your custom wrap.

An Onsite Design Team

A reputable business that provides car wrapping services may feature a design team. A consultation with a team member will allow you to share your vision for your new wrap. Notes will be taken, which the design team member will refer to as they create an online representation that contains the design elements, colors, and sizing preferences that you have relayed to them. With this type of service, you may need to wait a couple of weeks for a design to be prepared.

Upon the first copy of the design being made, you will be emailed the picture of what your wrap will look like. A design team member will utilize your vehicle make and model and current imperfections on the vehicle's body, to prepare a rough draft that will sufficiently cover the areas that you have chosen.

A Tool To Use At Your Home

An independent design tool or one that is featured through an automotive shop will allow you to mix and match design elements from the comfort of your home. This type of tool will outline the entire wrap process. An automotive body will not be damaged by the addition of a wrap and a wrap can be used to cover your entire vehicle or portions of it.

After designing a custom wrap that you are satisfied with, simply print out a picture of the design or email it to the business that you are hiring to install the wrap. The design team will reproduce the artwork and prepare a wrap that is similar to it.

A Stock Design

Many businesses that feature vehicle wraps will have a series of stock images that clients can choose from. Vinyl wraps are often featured in many colors, allowing you to choose a specific design and switch some or all of the colors that are portrayed on it. Choosing a stock image is one of the fastest ways that you will be able to get your vehicle wrapped. If you are able to pick out a design relatively quickly, you will only need to wait for the installation appointment to have the design added to your vehicle.