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Keeping Your Car Looking New With Auto Detailing

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One of the best ways to keep your car looking new is to keep your car clean. Detailing your car can protect the paint, the interior, and all the other materials in the car. If you do not have the time to keep the car up yourself, you can take your car to an auto detailing shop, and they can do it for you. 

Selecting Your Level of Service

The detailing shop can service the car as much or as little as you like. Basic services like washing the car are the most common, but if you are spending the money to have the car detailed, buying a package that includes as much service as possible makes the most sense for most people. Talk with the detailing shop about what is included in each level of service, and let them know if you want to add something more to the job. 

Exterior Cleaning and Detailing

Starting with the exterior, the detailing shop will wash the car from top to bottom. Most detailers use a mild detergent to remove the dirt from the car, but not the wax or any other protectant that is on the paint. 

Once the body is clean, the tires and rims get washed, removing road debris, dirt, brake dust, and other grime from them. 

Again, a gentle detergent is the best option here, and once the soap is rinsed off, a protectant can be applied to the sidewalls of the tires to protect the rubber. The rims can also have a protectant added to them if they are chrome or aluminum, but if they are covered with wheel covers or hub caps, they don't need anything more than a good wash.

Once the car is dry, car wax is applied to the body of the vehicle, and the surface is polished to a beautiful shine. Excess wax must be removed from cracks around the windows or crevices around parts that are against the body panels. 

Cleaning the Interior

The interior of the car can be challenging. Depending on how dirty it is, the detailer will vacuum out the vehicle entirely, then check the fabric for stains that need removing. Sometimes they can use a cleaner to remove spots or stains from the fabric, but other times soiling requires the detailer to shampoo the material.

The detailer will wipe down the dash, clean the console, and clean all the glass in the car. Depending on the level of service you requested, they may also add fabric protectant to the interior and mirror glaze the exterior of the vehicle.